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!!! Free Florida Vacation  !!!
We are offering a  Free Florida Vacation  to all our customers
 who will comply to requirements described on website 
!!! Darmowe Wakacje na Florydzie !!!
Please visit us there and contact us if you are interested.

Offer expires August 31, 2001

LB Impex  will develop a project of  the Web Site, free of charge, for any person or company who will contact us via e-mail address
Project will be developed accordingly to the requirements given us by the person or the company. Project can contain graphics, pictures and texts, delivered to us. Capacity of the Web Site is limited only by the space given to the person or the company on the ISP server. 
 Project will have the information footnote placed on the opening page of the Web Site, exactly as the one on the bottom of this page.
 Further actualization and maintaining of the Web Site developed by us, is not included in this offer and is only up to the person or the company discretion to decide if they want us to be responsible and paid for those actions in the future.

Requests will be accepted only until August 31, 2001.



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