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Company exist since 1990. Our main goal is: To deliver to our Customers the best possible existing quality equipment at the lowest available cost. This is also our motto, which we implement in every contract with all of our clients.
Address: LB Impex      2161 Linden Road 
Winter Park, FL 32792 USA  
Telephone, Facsimile: (407) 679-6863  
E-mail address:
ICQ account number:  
Our Service Center for Europe countries is Fast Service (TM)
company with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland.
Address: Fast Service  Podleśna 61, Suite 139 
01-673 Warsaw, Poland  
Telephone, Facsimile: 48-22-348-148  
E-mail address:
ICQ account number:  
If you have any questions please do not hesitate and
call or send us a letter to addresses listed above.


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